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The Banyan Tree Group was established in 1998. lt is a fast-growing, multi-business conglomerate company which started from a humble background. The company has grown steadily establishing its presence in a variety of sectors. Their diversified portfolios of businesses include Residential Townships, Travel and Tourism, Social Welfare and Resort. The organisation is now on a path of vigorous expansion of its businesses. We proudly present one of our new ventures - Banyan Tree Resort at Lataguri, West Bengal.


The Banyan Tree Resort a unit of the Banyan Tree Group is a completely eco-friendly Jungle Resort, located in Lataguri. lt is surrounded by lush dense forests on the east and green paddy fields on the west, overall it is a picturesque location which guarantees peace and tranquillity. Banyan Tree Resort is a home away from home. Nutured in the fringe of Gorumara National Park, it is just a 33km drive from the New Mal Junction, 18km from Moynaguri Railway Station. The buildings also include classic and eloquent wooden cottages decorated tastefully and traditionally. lt is situated amidst nature surrounded by greenery all around, clean air with tranquillity of the jungle which gives a real feel of nature. The resort also has a well-maintained garden and space for children to play. With Gorumara National Park only a stone's throw away, the stay becomes an unforgettable experience for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. This is also due to the iungle safari and the several watchtowers which give a chance to see the animals in the wild. The rhythmic motion of tribal dances and camp-fires in the evening will provide an enchanting ambience to your stay. This is an ideal place to explore, for you get to see nature at its best. Book your rooms right away to relax and enjoy your stay at our Resort.


The best time to visit Lataguri is from October to June when the sky remains clear and the weather is sunny and bright. To enjoy the pristine and natural beauty of Gorumara Forest in the rainy season, trips should be planned between July to September.

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Call: 9733186003 / +918697554321

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Akash Niloy Housing Complex
Block C/1, Ground Floor, Narayanpur, Battala
Kolkata 700 136

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(A Banyan Tree Group Company)
DL-100, 2nd Floor,
Salt lake City,
Phone +(91 33) 23592940,
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