Introducing SGI TeleDoc

TeleDoc is a product of Software Goldsmith Inc. and a mobile app made available for doctors and patients to meet on the phone. It uses video calling features and keeps track of health details during an emergency, or for a quick checkup that doesn’t require an office visit.

Click. Connect. Share Problems

TeleDoc helps doctors and patients to meet quickly and share problems promptly without waiting for a face-to-face appointment.

Online Meeting

TeleDoc helps you to connect with online video calling feature with your doctor/patient swiftly.

Secure Information

TeleDoc keeps your documents and reports secure so you can be using it for sharing and connecting with your doctor.

Share details online

Using TeleDoc you will be able to share and display your reports and other medical records online without need of a meeting.

One to many structure

TeleDoc is designed in a way that you can choose and maintain contacts with many doctors individually without any hassle.

About TeleDoc

SGI-TeleDoc is designed for doctors and patients to meet on the phone using video calling feature and keeping track of health details

  • TeleDoc helps doctors and patients to meet quickly and sharing problems promptly without waiting for a face-to-face appointment. This app helps patients to talk to their doctors anytime if they are feeling sick or need help immediately especially, before or after regular office hours.
  • It can also avoid the hassle of the waiting room by connecting you with your doctor in minutes over live video. This experience can be just like an in-person office visit.
  • Using TeleDoc your doctor will be able to take your vitals, read your history, learn your symptoms, perform an exam and finally, diagnose & prescribe you a medicine over phone if insurance permits. This could be an excellent way to treat patients over the phone when they have cold & cough or flu or infectious disease that could be easily spreadable to others.
  • Each doctor will be able to identify their business hours before hand if they want or they can keep it open for all hours for their patients to call.



Simply register as a patient or doctor and start using the app immediately.


Login to App

Simply login to the app and follow the next steps to make use of TeleDoc


Choose doctors

After logging in you can choose from the list of doctors available for meeting


Set up meeting

You can set up the appointment for the meeting and connect with the doctor you like.


Share records online

Share all your records online with your doctor and get reports from the doctor online


Spread the word

Spread the news about TeleDoc app in market and help others who face problems in getting appointments

Download the App

Currently we are available on all Android devices and will be soon launching to iPhones too. Download the App today!