Time Tracking and Expense Management Tool


mobiPMTC™ is a time tracking and expense management tool that offers easy-to-use user interface to collect employee time/attendance and expenses information via mobile phones that fits customer’s need.

mobiPMTC™ allows employees to enter their daily or weekly time-cards, expenses and receipts easily using their phone. They can also submit those for management approval thru this app. After submission, managers can approve those time-cards and expenses promptly via phone so that accounting department can process those for payroll and reimbursement. mobiPMTC™ saves time and money by cutting down the delay of processing time-cards and expenses. This system can be used by companies of different sizes. It can use used by independent contractor also.

  • It allows Employees to access the system from anywhere, anytime to submit time and expenses for manager’s to approve.
  • It allows Employees to track and view their timecards and expenses.
  • It provides a clean user interface and usability that makes it a pleasure to use.
  • This app allows Approval Managers to view, verify, validate and approve those Timecard & Expense Reports based on required criteria and receipts.
  • It secures all employees salary and personal data in such a way so that nobody can view those information
  • without right privileges allocated to right person in the company.
  • It can get you started in no time.