About MobiTAP-KPI™

MobiTAP-KPI™ is a Mobile Test Automation Platform used for conducting an end-to-end mobile device testing. It is critical for any mobile device manufacturers and network providers to certify a product.

It offers a set of tools that allows test engineers to collect KPI (Key Performance Indicators) data for performance testing during stationary and drive test cases that are recommended by major network providers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, etc., to collect KPI data for performance tests. MobiTAP-KPI™ is a mobile app that runs on Android phone and it is available in Google App Store.

MobiTAP™ cuts down the testing time & cost in half and improves the product quality by automating testing procedure and by reducing human errors during manual intervention. Automated testing functionalities help engineers to run tests fasters. It also helps testers to run regression tests regularly before start testing new releases to make sure that nothing broke due to new release has been introduced.

MobiTAP™ eliminates carrying extra equipment in the car while conducting drive testing.Most significantly, it eliminates the headache of manual testing, speeds up the testing cycle and improves the product quality.