WhereRU is a product of Software Goldsmith Inc. WhereRU is a social mobile app that allows you to stay connected with anyone in your network. Your network can include your family, friends, colleagues, etc. After setting up a network, you can watch your contacts as an individual or in a group. You can find out how far they are from you in real-time and contact them instantly via phone or SMS. WhereRU allows users to send their location along with addresses and directions to those in their network. Imagine the peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are in a single instant. Never again will your little one have to stand outside in the cold or rain, waiting on the school bus to arrive. With WhereRU, you can keep all in your network "close" no matter how "far" they are. So encourage your friends, family, school bus drivers and others to install this app on their mobile devices using Share App and watch your network grow. (Share App is located in the toolbar for quick access).

Feature List

WhereRU allows users to perform the following functions:

  • Invite people to join their network

    • WhereRU allows users to invite others to join to their network.

  • Create a group in the network

    • WhereRU allows users to put multiple people in a group so that they can stay connected all the time.

  • Search a person in the network

    • When users search a person, the app shows the person’s location on the map, actual distance and address along with the directions to that location.

  • Search a Group in the network

    • When users search a group, the app shows the group’s location on the map, actual distance and address along with the directions to that location.

  • Track path of a person in the network

    • This feature allows user to track or monitor a person’s movement on the map.

  • Communicate with each other

    • WhereRU allows you to communicate with each other (individually or a group) via SMS or phone.

  • Watch a person’s status information

    • Shows user’s status as online or offline

  • Allow user’s privacy and security

    • This feature allows user to hide or show his/her status

  • Global Chatting

    • With WhereRU app you can talk to people in different languages from around the world. WhereRU offers “Global Translation” mechanism so that users can communicate with each other in multiple languages. For example, if an engineer in USA who speaks in English wants to communicate with other engineers in China and/or Germany who do not speak in English, WhereRU will help to communicate by offering “Global Translation” service.

  • Geo Fencing

    • Geo-fencing is a product of Software Goldsmith Inc. Geo-fencing offers a strong mechanism to sales and marketing community to do a better job in advertising. It takes the guess work out of advertising to select right customer community to contact for introducing any product. It shows how to save advertising dollars and how to do “targeted marketing” by contacting right customers in right time like contacting specifically those customers who are near your restaurant during lunch time to share your special offers and discounts when they are hungry. Instead of sending emails & flyers to tons of customers who live far from your shop, have no interest to buy your product and will never be at your shop. What a waste of advertising dollars. Geo-fencing avoids that and offers targeted marketing efficiently as well as cost effective way. It offers location based advertisement based on customer’s current location at a particular time. It also allows advertisers to contact customers at a specify location during specific time. For example, if advertisers want, they will be able to contact all potentials customers within a 5 mile radius during lunch time to promote restaurants & food businesses or contacting those customers again in the evening to promote clubs or movie theaters. This service can be used as an independent app or can be integrated to any other apps. Currently, we have included this service in our WhereRU app to offer better service to our WhereRU users so that they can keep track of all the offers/discounts that are going on, within a 5 mile radius and want to take advantage of those offers.

      After user installs the WhereRU app in his/her phone and allows the in app notification then WhereRU sends him/her the push notification to the phone even the user is not using the app in a regular basis so that user don’t miss the recent sales and discounts.

  • End to End Encryption

    • Worried about your privacy while chatting? Worry not. Use WhereRU app. WhereRU offers end to end encryption for all your text messages.

  • Group Chatting

    • Chat will all your friends at once. WhereRU offers you the feature to create groups and chat with multiple people simultaneously.

  • Photo Chat

    • Send photos to your friends and while sending, make those photos come alive by adding texts & drawings using our drawing tools provided by WhereRU.