About PunchClock

PunchClock is a time management system. This app helps employees to enter, view, edit and submit time for management approval. It also helps employers to keep track of time and total numbers of hours worked by each employee on different projects, and later use that information for payroll and invoicing. This app has been created to help all types of businesses to manage their employees' time records to streamline the payroll and invoicing operations. However, it also works real well for those employees who are mostly traveling or working offsite or on outdoor projects.

This is an essential app for businesses like construction, lawn care and repair services where employees travel to different locations to offer services. It's a must have app for those healthcare service providers who assign their employees to different sites or homes to provide patient care. PunchClock helps them to manage their employees's attendance status in real time on the map based on their geo-location and work start as well as end time.

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PunchClock helps employees to keep track of their time on the job

PunchClock helps managers to manage their employees' job location status on the map in real time